Casting and Interview

model_1Probably you have a lot of questions about the opportunities or the work which we can offer. We need also to know you to offer you am agency contract. The best is to meet up directly at one of our next “Casting Interview`s” Please ask us about the next dates and probably close to you.

  • IMPORTANT: If we will invite you the “Casting – Interview”, we will coverĀ all travel costs. Regardless of whether we offer you a contract or you decide to work with us. So it is absolutely free for you to meet up with us!

During the “Casting – Interview”, we will answer all your questions and we will also want to know more about you šŸ™‚

At the end of the “Casting – Interview” weĀ will agree with you how to continue or follow upĀ the next steps. On some days you can even decide to make a small internship, carried out immediately, to find out if you areĀ desired and also enjoy this kind of jobs.


We have regular “Casting – Interview” Events in Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Prag and Munich!


Please contact us for the next regular CASTING Event at a location close to you!
Do not forget, if you get an invitation from us, we will cover all Travel costs and other expenses for you, to meet up! Please write us on: [email protected] and attach 2-3 pictures of yourself to the E-Mail, it will make it easier for us to remember your application as well.